May Day: Celebrating Employees, Everywhere!

The International Workers Day, or May Day, is celebrated on the first of May each year. This is a day set aside specifically for commemorating the efforts of employees globally and recognizing their contribution to their respective nations and communities. In India, the first-ever May Day celebration was organized in Chennai on May 1, 1923!

Our nation has one of the youngest workforces in the world, with the number of employable youths rising rapidly each year. Just to illustrate, consider this fact: during the ongoing general elections in India, over 45 million youths will vote for the first time ever since 2014. That is the number of new voters that have turned 18 since 2014 and are now eligible to cast their vote.

That means on an average, over 9 million youths turned 18 years old each year between 2014 to 2018! These are countless young, restless men and women eagerly looking for new avenues to learn, earn and make their mark on the world.

Sterlite Copper is doing its bit to ensure that the youth of tomorrow have a good start in life and are equipped with the right set of skills that gives them a fair chance at becoming employed. In Thoothukudi, we have recently unveiled our Muthucharam initiative, a set of 6 projects that are going to transform the socio-economic landscape of the district.

Already, three of the projects have been launched. The Women’s Resource Centre, which seeks to impart skill training to women in the community, has seen a tremendous response. For example, an entrepreneurial training program that was recently held to raise awareness about the project saw participation from over 1000 women ranging in age anywhere from 18 to 45! More such events are planned in the coming months.

In the coming months, the remaining projects too will be launched and implemented in a phased manner. Sterlite Copper, which has provided direct employment to over 4000 people (a majority of whom are from Tamil Nadu) now seeks to jumpstart socio-economic development of the region through targeted skill development programs and gainful employment opportunities!

So here’s to every person working day and night to support their families and loved ones, to every mother effortlessly balancing family and work, to every father living and working alone far away from home. We salute your unflinching efforts this May Day!

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