Benefits of Copper-infused Water

Copper’s role in the immune system was first publicized around the year 1867. It was reported that copper workers were found to be immune to Cholera during the Cholera breakouts of Paris in 1832, 1849 and 1852.

In 1939, a very curious pattern was observed by Werner Hangarter, the German physician. He observed that copper miners in Finland were strangely unaffected by arthritis as long as they continued to work in the mining industry.

A brief look at the history of copper in human health shows a list of such instances where copper has greatly aided in the prevention and cure of various diseases over the centuries. Drinking water that has been stored overnight or at least for four hours in a copper vessel can have the following health benefits.

Copper & Digestion
Known for its anti-bacterial properties, drinking water stored in copper vessels can help reduce inflammation in the stomach. This helps in curing ulcers, infections and indigestion.

Copper & Weight Loss
Drinking water stored in a copper vessel can work wonders for those who are on a mission to lose weight. It helps your body break down and eliminate stored fat faster and more efficiently. This allows your body to retain only the material it requires to synthesize energy and eliminates the rest.

Copper & Heart Health
Copper has been found to have the potential to regulate blood pressure and lowers your risk to bad cholesterol. In fact, scientists have even been known to recommend copper supplements to some patients who have suffered heart failures.

Copper & Bone Health
A lesser known fact is that, the market today is filled with copper bracelets and trinkets that are aimed at reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, drinking water stored in a copper vessel can prove to be essential for a healthy bone matrix and lowers the risks of painful joints.

Copper and Skin Care
Waking up to a glass of water stored overnight in a copper vessel can become your secret to glowing and healthy looking skin. It works as an antioxidant and protects the skin from damage caused due to free radicals which in turn results in prevention of wrinkles.

For best results, store water in a copper vessel just before you go to sleep. This creates a natural purification process and kills any harmful organisms in the water and makes water perfectly fit for consumption. Before RO purifiers and UV filters became the norms of the day, storing water in copper vessels is how our ancestors did it. It is ideal to keep it overnight or at least for four hours, to allow the water to acquire the copper trace minerals that is vital to human health.


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